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Don't get close to nature, be a part of it.

To visit Villa Amalia is to see nature
and architecture working in perfect

You’ll find us on a private island in
the heart of the undisturbed,
stunningly beautiful Finnish

The luxury villa has been designed to
work seamlessly with the natural
environment, using innovative and
sustainable technologies blended
with traditional techniques.

The result is an experience that you
simply won’t find anywhere else in
the world.

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Villa Amalia is an undiscovered gem in the Finnish Archipelago blending nature, style and sustainability

The experience on the island is defined by luxury and nature working in harmony

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What Our Guests Say

"If there’s a word to describe Villa Amalia it’s ‘magnifique’. We had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Finnish Archipelago and experience the calmness of the private island and its surroundings. You can really see the energy and heart that's put into each detail of Villa Amalia. Thank you for a wonderful stay!"
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The most interesting places are the

ones you haven’t been to, yet.

Villa Amalia
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